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Name Badges

Visitors to a conference or exhibition feel more at ease if they can be called by their name, to help you be identified, why not wear a Corporate Name Badge? We have many different types of Corporate Name Badges that can be personalised with your logo or text.

Bring professionalism in your conference with our exclusive range of name badges, whether you are requiring an id badge, retractable badge or a badge holder. If you are national company, we may already have your logo and name badge ready to go. Our ID and name badges for conventions, seminars, meetings and more are in stock and ready to ship.

badge holder

Badge Holders

Badge Holder to accept printed name badge. Supplied with a punched slot, insert and strap clip unfitted. Can be printed with delegate names.

From Only £0.58 each

badge holder

Badge Holder

Translucent name badge pouches available in a selection of colours. Fit the standard lanyard attachments.

From only £0.42 each

badge holder

I.D. Badge Holder

Clear name badge pouches together with short strap lanyard available in a choice of colours. Can be supplied with personalised name badges.

From only £0.71 each

custom badges

Custom Badges

Custom badges supplied with a reverse printed and shaped clear slide in cover and with cards for you to overprint on the PC and insert.

From only £0 each

id badge

ID Badge

Id badges in white PVC. Supplied fitted with a self adhesive overlay to enable a photograph to be sealed.

From only £0.55 each

name badges

Name Badges - 2

Name badge with clear PVC to give a scratch proof finish. Take card inserts which can be printed with your delegate names.

From only £1.59 each

name badges

Custom Badge

Name badge which is screen printed onto an engraveable laminate which is then engraved with an individual name. Can be domed as an extra.

From only £2.30 each

name badges

Name Badges - 1

Name badges available in gold or silver finish and are supplied with slide in cards and acetate covers.

From only £0 each

name badges

Security Badges

Screen printed in reverse to give a scratch proof finish. Takes card inserts that can be printed with conference delegate details.

From only £0.63 each

retractable badge

Retractable Badge - 86

Badge holder in transparent colours with metallic clip. Can be personalised with your conference details.

From only £0.61 each

retractable badge pp

Retractable Badge

Retractable badge - cord extending to 28". Spring will return multiple cards Can be personalised with your corporate details.

From only £1.69 each

name badge ac

I.D. Badges

Attractive Conference name badge set comprising name card holder, pen and notepad. Can be personalised with your conference details.

From only £1.22 each

Name Badges

Name badges are one of the more accepted requirements for any conference as they help identify visitors and guests. They also have the advantage of creating a more secure environment for the seminar when acting as an ID badge.

Today, custom printed badges are often retained as a keepsake and are even collectable for events like presidential elections, football clubs, and music concerts. Name badges remain popular at events, seminars, and of course for promotional advertising. There are several types of printed name badges you can order, including the standard clear badge holder which can contain a pre-printed card. Metal badges carry colour infills, and are fitted with a butterfly clutch pin. And there are soft enamel photo etched badges. These are similar to the metal badges, and are made on polished metal with up to 4 spot colour infills.

We offer an extensive selection of finishes and effects. Choose from a wide range of stylish metal plating, including matt, antique or two tone finish. We can even mould almost any concept in metal, from intricate cut out effects to 3D designs.

Identify with confidence

ID badges provide a great solution for security, events and conference use. We offer an easy to order system together with a fast turnaround. Select from a wide range of hard wearing fittings and finishes, shapes and sizes. Our badges are supplied with individual personalised names and digitally printed logos.

We can also provide badges with bar codes and photos for extra security requirements together with signature strips if required. Choose from our top quality plastic materials and durable metals styles, we have an ID badge to suit almost every identification necessity!

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